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Golden Krone Hotel is a gothic horror roguelike. Fight vampires with sunlight or become a vampire yourself and sneak in the shadows.

You play as Sorina Arobase, a human general made famous for hunting vampires. You're on a mission of revenge to kill Fane, the exiled vampire prince. Armed with your sword, revolver, and spell book, you must battle hordes of blood sucking foes. But first you'll be picking one of six disguises (i.e. classes) that will help you on your journey.

It's a roguelike, really! Turn-based combat, permadeath, and challenging gameplay
Fully dynamic lighting. Bend light to your will by manipulating torches and sunlight
Use sunlight as a weapon
A groundbreaking potion identification system that rewards risk taking
Each run requires you to play as both human and vampire, each with different strengths and weaknesses. Humans are frail spellcasters. Vampires are brawlers with super human speed and strength.

10 floors and 5 branches (with more to come)
Dozens of monsters
40 potions
20 spells
6 classes

Traditional roguelikes are a ton of fun, but usually come with an alphabet-soup of commands that make them tedious and unintuitive. Golden Krone Hotel has a modern, streamlined interface:

A very small number of controls, all of which are rebindable
Keypress hints on all buttons to help you learn shortcuts
Tooltips on everything
No inventory management!
Items are picked up automatically and gear is auto-equipped

All of which results in less downtime and faster gameplay.

Please be aware that, being an Early Access title, Golden Krone Hotel is not finished! It's lacking some of the the content, balance, and polish that will be in the full release. If, however, you're willing to play a game that's still in development and has the occasional bug, then buckle up. It'll be a fun ride.

Golden Krone Hotel Free Download

Golden Krone Hotel Free Download

Golden Krone Hotel Free Download

Minimum System Requirements

OS: Windows 7
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Storage: 500 MB available space

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