Little Walker (v1.23) Free Download

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Journey your way high and low, far and wide, just for the heck of it. Meet weirdos along the way. Explode things. Explode them good. It's a super quirky semi-retro platform-adventure.Features Pretty pixels, or so I've been told. Unless your some kind of pixel-ist. In which case... awkwaard... Whimsical, retro-y music-sounds just for your ear-holes alone. Well, and everyone else's. (\ '-')/ 30ish level-type-areas. Some are long and some are short, It doesn't have flagpoles to mark the end of each area so I'm just sort of guesstimating here. Snarky writing, cute n' quirky characters. Easy to grasp, challenging to master game-play. ( I know that's cliche, \('-' )/ come at me bro ) An instruction booklet with drawings and descriptions just like the good old days. 1 button 'accessible' so that most anyone can play. Adventure.Controls Arrow Keys to change direction. Z to jump and preform various situation based actions. Customizable input of course. Buttons for mode toggle, fullscreen, volume, etc. "...a delightful and smartly put together platform game." - Rock, Paper, Shotgun " amazing platforming adventure, full of large areas to explore..." -

Little Walker (v1.23) Free Download

Little Walker (v1.23) Free Download

Little Walker (v1.23) Free Download

Minimum System Requirements

OS: Windows XP
Processor: Something old should be fine.
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Graphics: N/A
DirectX: Version 9.0
Storage: 18 MB available space
Sound Card: N/A

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