Celestial Command (Update 0.781) Free Download

Celestial Command (Update 0.781) Free Download

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About This Game
Celestial Command is a realistic sandbox space game which unites a real orbital mechanics, ship constructor and some features of typical space games.Gather resources, construct space ships and stations, produce fuel, generate energy, trade between stations, complete contracts or fight with pirates in a 2D world where everything in constant orbital motion, without "air friction" and without maximum speed limits.Realistic Orbital MechanicThe world of the game works based on simplified orbital mechanics. Everything in state of constant orbital motion. Perform orbital maneuvers and keep your space ships on stable orbits to prevent crashing on a planet or loosing ship in deep space.The physics simulates in 2D space, this makes flying and navigation enjoyable and easy but also generates a lot of interesting situations due physical collisions which are more often in 2D space than in 3D.Fully Customizable Ships and Space stationsYou can build your own ship part by part. Each part of the ship is individual, it has own functions and parameters. Therefore, abilities of your ship are completely dependent on the modules from which it is assembled. You can build small explorers, large industrial ships, carriers, defense satellites or whatever you want.Each module can be detached or attached to the ship right on the fly, which allows to transform your ship using found modules.Ship ManagementAll resources of the ship are limited. Including fuel, energy, ammo and construction materials, so store them and use them wisely.Command a FleetYou are not bound to a single ship. You can build as many ships and space stations as you want. And you can switch control between them anytime. Also it is possible to control your ships not only directly, but also giving movement orders.Seamless Star SystemExplore a procedural world filled with planets, asteroids, space stations and other things. The world of the game is completely seamless, you can zoom out from your ship to the entire star system.Gather ResourcesMine asteroids for useful resources or salvage wreckage of broken ships in order to build new modules and produce fuel.Economy, Trading and MissionsTrade goods between stations or complete procedural missions provided by NPC stations and earn additional credits to buy new modules on a shipyard.Fight the EnemyBuild various types of devices to fight against enemies. Cannons, lasers, rockets, shields and more. The game has now been in active development, so even more interesting features added almost each update!Check our development blog for more information about development and future plans.

Celestial Command (Update 0.781) Free Download

Celestial Command (Update 0.781) Free Download

Celestial Command (Update 0.781) Free Download

Minimum System Requirements

OS: Windows 7 / 8 /8.1 / 10
Processor: Core i5
Memory: 4 GB RAM
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive: 250 MB available space

Celestial Command (Update 0.781) Trailer

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