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One of the most attractive aspects of the game industry is that it caters to so many different tastes, even within the narrow definitions of a single genre. For every Lord of the Rings Online, there's a Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates; for every Civilization IV, there's a DEFCON; for every SWAT 4, there's a Serious Sam. Farm 51's NecroVisioN is one of those shooters that focus more on instant action and relentless intensity, relying on sheer quantity of enemies and features to attract and engage gamers. Some gamers are bound to relish in the kitchen sink approach to game design, but for others, enough is enough already.

The story is a pastiche of cliches with no real attempt to build consistency or embrace originality. You play an American enlisted in the British army during the First World War, which might be interesting if the setting didn't feel so generic and wasn't abandoned within the first few minutes of the game. Soon enough, you're venturing through hell on the trail of a mad scientist and fighting wave after wave of German soldiers, zombies, dragons, giant robots, and, yes, even wizards. If the story didn't insist on taking itself so seriously, having all these bizarre elements in the same cauldron might actually work, but as it is, the chaotic nature of it is just overwhelming.

Necrovision Free Download

Necrovision Free Download

Necrovision Free Download

Necrovision Free Download

Necrovision Free Download

Minimum System Requirements

CPU: Pentium IV 2.4GHz or AMD Athlon 64 +2800
RAM: 1 GB for XP or 1.5 G for Vista
HDD: 8 GB free disk space
VGA: 256 MB Pixel Shader 3.0 GeForce 6600 / ATI X1600

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