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In the crowded first-person shooter market, it's important for a game to
carve out a niche--do something better than or different from its
competitors. Medal of Honor tries to do just that by representing a real
conflict that is really happening in a real country between two real
opposing forces. From the chatter among the soldiers and the authentic
weapons to the environmental continuity, there are many elements that
enliven the campaign with an invigorating sense of realism.
Unfortunately, this energy is diminished somewhat by a bunch of video
game-y elements, like invisible walls, invincible allies, and an
incongruous icon that pops up whenever you get a headshot. The campaign
finds a reasonable balance between realism and escapism, where it
manages to provide a fairly engrossing experience despite its flaws. The
online multiplayer offers many thrills of its own, and the adherence to
realism makes for battlefields where the only thing between you and a
swift death is your gun and your reflexes. Both the single-player and
multiplayer components provide some robust entertainment, and though
flaws and limitations keep it from being all it can be, Medal of Honor
still distinguishes itself on the field of first-person battle.
The single-player campaign takes place in Afghanistan, where craggy
peaks loom over dry, rocky terrain. You are part of an American military
effort to find and eliminate Taliban forces, and the
grounded-in-reality premise feels more immediate than those that feature
fictional enemies. The nicely varied environments provide an attractive
array of places to wage war, and even though the visuals suffer from
some technical imperfections, the fact that the whole campaign takes
place in one region of the world creates a good sense of cohesion. It's
easy to keep track of who you are and where you fit into the offensive
even though you play as multiple characters. While come cutscenes
provide good dramatic set-up, the ham-fisted interactions that take
place in the command outpost often feel cliche and cheap. It's probably
for the best that Medal of Honor didn't take on a wider representation
of the current conflict, focusing instead on the characters you meet in
the field and their soldierly attitudes. The great battlefield chatter
portrays intriguing facets of professionalism and camaraderie among the
soldiers, setting an authentic tone that enhances the experience.

During the course of the campaign, you engage in heated firefights and
quietly infiltrate enemy encampments, which are familiar actions that
feel good thanks to solid controls. Playing as different soldiers
provides markedly different combat experiences, and the game transitions
between protagonists in logical ways. For example, after fighting your
way through enemy artillery positions, you find yourself facing a
frightening onslaught that threatens to overwhelm your squad. Your
desperate stand ends in a dramatic rescue, and you then play as rescuers
as they take on their next mission. On-foot missions are punctuated by
exciting moments when you direct powerful air support, and an intense
vehicle sequence gives way to a more methodical assault. Things proceed
at a good pace, and it's invigorating to realize that all of the
exciting action you are engaged in takes place within the bounds of a
realistic military operation.

Despite the focus on realism, however, Medal of Honor tries to tightly
control your experience throughout the campaign, and this leads to some
unfortunate problems. Part of the campaign experience immerses you in
the dialogue among your squadmates and up the command chain (some of
which is thoughtfully spent ensuring that the individuals in your
crosshairs are actually enemies). Much of this chatter is delivered on
the run, but there are times when your progress is halted at a flimsy
door or a short rocky ledge to let your squadmates talk. There are also a
lot of invisible walls that prevent you from going off the beaten path.
These two elements seem designed to keep you in line so you can
experience the campaign the way it was meant to be experienced, but they
can feel heavy handed and restrictive at times. Perhaps more egregious
is the not-so-hot enemy AI. The Taliban soldiers can shoot and take
cover reasonably well, but they often enter the battlefield or stick
their heads out from behind cover in alarmingly predictable ways.

Medal of Honor Free Download

Medal of Honor Free Download

Medal of Honor Free Download

Minimum System Requirements

OS: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
Processor: Pentium D 3.0GHz / Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz / Athlon X2
Memory: 2GB
Graphics: GeForce 7800 GT / ATI X1900
Graphics Memory: 256MB

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