Plant Tycoon Free Download

Plant Tycoon Free Download


The developers that brought us "Virtual Villagers" and "Fish
Tycoon" have released a new life sim, "Plant Tycoon." Similar "Fish
Tycoon." the ultimate goal is to discover 6 magical plants while
crossbreeding and selling plants. Your watchful eye will be needed to
tend to the plants' health needs. "Plant Tycoon" is a sim game that
runs in real time. What this means is that while you are away from your
computer, the game will be changing. Your plants will grow, produce
seeds, die, or become unhealthy while the game is off. It runs the same
whether you are watching over the plants or not. This type of gameplay
is great for playing throughout the day. You cannot sit in one sitting
and beat this game. You could cheat and change the computer's clock -
but really you're only ruining the fun. A tutorial in the start
of "Plant Tycoon" will walk you through planting a seed, watering,
buying supplies, and storing seeds. You'll have a pile of seeds from
your own plant creations in no time. Watering, storing seeds, and
pollinating plants are all done by dragging and dropping. You won't get
lost in menus. To start a new plant, add soil, water, and then a
seed to an empty plant pot. Plants grow in stages, from seedlings to
mature plants that can be pollinated. Cross-breeding is done by dragging
the pollen of one plant to another. You'll need to buy supplies (like
vitamins or insect spray) and seeds later in the game.Seeds
do not have to be used right away. Often when you pollinate plants,
they will produce 4+ seeds. Those seeds can be stored as long as you
want and you can see the "parents" of the seed. If all your plants do
die, you can always restart the game by using the seeds in storage. They
don't expire! Checking in on your plants as you can and see what
new breeds of plants you have made is the entertainment of "Plant
Tycoon." Finding all the plants possible takes patience and a lot of
notetaking. Yes, I said note taking. This is also where "Plant
Tycoon" shows its flaws. There is no way of tracking in-game which
plants have been cross-breed. To keep from wasting time and working in
circles, writing down the results of pollination is essential. Otherwise
frustration is inevitable. No tracking is the weakest aspect of
"Plant Tycoon." It is otherwise a solid game, that will suck you into
the search for all the breeds of plants. Fan should without question try "Plant Tycoon."

Plant Tycoon Free Download

Plant Tycoon Free Download

Plant Tycoon Free Download

Minimum System Requirements

Supported OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Processor: Pentium III 500
Memory: 96 MB
Graphics: 16MB of VRAM
DirectX Version: DirectX 7.0 or later
Hard Drive: 200 MB

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